I have 5 moles on my face!!?

Answer I know how you feel! I just got 3 moles on face removed today and before they also lowered my self-esteem (one was right between my eyebrows!), but they were small and flat moles. I think the best ... Read More »

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I have 3 moles on my face... HELP?

Hi i go through you query,and must say that the answer is in your query, your answer is that "You ARE THE ONE OUT OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, TO WHOM GOD HAS CHOSEN", it's not a mole dear, it's... Read More »

Help! Loads of moles on my face?

WHITE CHALK – White chalk is incredibly useful against moles. It dries them up till they fall off. White chalk can be simply rubbed over the mole. Appropriate care should be taken to leave the su... Read More »

How to Remove Moles From the Face?

A mole can appear on almost any part of the body, but the most difficult to hide are moles on the face. Sometimes a mole can be viewed as a distinguishing mark, making you stand out in a good way. ... Read More »

How to Remove Many Small Moles on the Face?

Moles, the small black or brown spots born as a result of an accumulation of a cluster of cells, are characteristic of the human skin. They can appear either during childhood or during the first tw... Read More »