I have 2 new HP C6280 both used the yellow ink up while the other inks are full?

Answer Seems you are printing a lot of highlight, or smiley faces. See who else has been printing using your printer too. The printer has separate cartridges for individual replacement of each color so ... Read More »

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Is hamtaro why is Penelope always yellow or well why is she diffrent then the other hamster her looks ar diffrent then the other hamster why arent the other yellow?

Penelope actually looks like all the other hamsters, but she's still a baby. She is very shy and wears a yellow blanket because of her shyness. I hope that answers your question. :)

Will other inks work in Epson RX 500 printers?

You can use third-party ink cartridges in Epson RX 500 printers, but Epson does not recommend using non-Epson ink cartridges. In addition, the Epson warranty does not cover damage by third-party in... Read More »

Why is my period bright yellow. i havnt had a period in 2 months. im not pregnant. this morning i thought i finnay started but when i wiped it was bright yellow.the toilet was full of yellow not red?

Yellow vaginal discharge is a sign of infection. You should see a Dr right away.

My Girlfriend & I are 16 we are both virgins we have never used needles, & our mothers don't have HIV, do we?

No. Not unless you've had contact with someone's blood that is infected with HIV. So... just go ahead and do it!