I have 2 moles on my face that came about 3 years ago I'm concerned they are cancerous.?

Answer hhmm right now I don't have insurance either and seeing a doc costs an arm and a leg, my mom's a nurse and I asked *like right now* and she told me it is a possibilty that your moles are cancerous ... Read More »

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What causes moles How do you know if they're cancerous?

Most moles are nothing to worry about.Your Dr can identify the difference between a mole and a melanoma.You should get all your moles checked every second year and if you notice any changes between... Read More »

How do you know a moles cancerous?

Generally, if you are born with a mole, it is more likely to become cancerous.If it is growing, changing, or bleeding, I would worry, but if not, just have your Physician check it at your next phys... Read More »

Signs of cancerous moles?

Check the color of your moles. Moles naturally have a wide variation in terms of colors and shapes, but there are certain features that should serve as a red flag for being potentially cancerous. H... Read More »

I have 5 moles on my face!!?

I know how you feel! I just got 3 moles on face removed today and before they also lowered my self-esteem (one was right between my eyebrows!), but they were small and flat moles. I think the best ... Read More »