I hav rly bad muscle aches!?

Answer I know for strained muscles you should take a hot bath, or possibly massage the most painful muscles. I know there are also tablets you can buy over the counter which relieve muscle pain, OR, you c... Read More »

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How to Cure Muscle Aches?

Muscle aches may occur after intense physical exercise, overuse or a minor injury. Muscle strain and pain caused by overuse is localized to specific muscles in the body. Infection, illness or a med... Read More »

Air Moisture & Muscle Aches?

You're not imagining it. Your arthritic pain worsens when there is moisture in the air, according to "Arthritis Today," a publication of The Arthritis Foundation. You may be the first one to detect... Read More »

How to relieve muscle aches fast?

Hi :) I get those aches alot too - As I participate in sports quite alot! x) What I usually do is apply some heat cream to the affected muscle, It really does help! I wouldnt recommend icing the mu... Read More »

What viruses cause stiff neck, and other muscle aches?

If it is dangerous then the doctor will advice him to remain at the hospital.