I hav bulimia. would the denists say anything about my teeth?

Answer yes. Bulimia is very hard on your teeth - and your esophagus. The acidity of your vomit eats away the enamal on your teeth, and the lining of your esophagus. I am sure you already know all the h... Read More »

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Have my teeth been damaged by bulimia?

Unfortunately with conditions like bulimia the acid in the vomit will erode the enamel from your teeth. I cannot see too much damage in the photo, but remember you may have white spots from where t... Read More »

It is known that anorexia/bulimia sufferers have bad teeth - but do they also have poor nails & hair?

every thing has an effect on every thing elses in the body. so yes anorexia/bulimia sufferers do have poor nails and hair. When I was anemic my hair was thinner and my nails broke if I looked at th... Read More »

Do Teeth Gap Teeth Effect Bands really work even for really big gaps and will the gap return if you have a piece of skin between your teeth that people usually have cut in surgery?

I am going to try teeth band effect but I just left my dentist yesterday and she informed me my only way to close my gap is through an orthodontist to get braces or invisalign. I had braces because... Read More »

What are the causes of bulimia?

Bulimia (nervosa) is a serious eating disorder characterized by "binging and purging" behavior, in which an affected person eats an unhealthy amount of food and then induces vomiting or purges thro... Read More »