I hate that I live in a house with family that brings in JUNK FOOD!! What do I do?

Answer dont eat it. theres gonna be junk food eerywhereu go all ur life. If u wanna lose weight that bad then just dont eat it. although its bad for your parents, you cannot make them stop eating wat they... Read More »

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What to do with a house full of junk that we can't throw out?

If your trying to save money you probably want to avoid the storage facilities. They are great if you don't mind the cost and want to store your stuff somewhere. It sounds to me like your looking... Read More »

Do I tip the Applebees employee that brings my food to my car for the curbside service?

It's not expected, but if you are really feeling generous you can give them a dollar or two. They are usually hostesses, not servers and they do not usually get tips for bringing the food curbside.

What is a food that you miss from your hometown that you can't get where you live now?

Real Chinese food - now I live in Mexico.

Anyone been to Sonic Drive-In Burgers Are you supposed to tip the person that brings you your food?

It depends...I would say no tip at all if they WALK your food to your car.HOWEVER,it you are lucky enough to get a nice looking gal that is on traditional roller skates bring your food out, then a ... Read More »