I hate needles but have blood test tomorrow. will it hurt really bad?

Answer Shouldn't hurt at all if your nurse knows what she's doing. The only time blood draw is painful is if the nurse misses the vein and has to fish for it...very rare, they do this all the time!

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Am having my first blood test tomorrow. Hate and am scared of needles. Having a blood test is my biggest fear?

If you're having blood drawn from your arm, it's nothing! Don't worry about it. Now blood taken from the fingertip is painful -- ouch! -- but at least it's quick.If it's a blood test from your arm,... Read More »

Having a blood test tomorrow 8.30am. Am petrified of needles, and hate them. Sooooo scared,?

You'll only feel a pin prick. Best advice I can give you...Don't WATCH. Focus on your breathing.You will be fine. :)

Having a blood test for the first tiem. Very scared, will it hurt. Really hate needles?

It feels like a mild pinch by someone with long fingernails . . .not too much pain at all . .my advice . . .if you're squeamish, don't look at the needle, and don't watch the blood coming out . . .... Read More »

I have a blood test tow where they draw blood and I'm really scared of needles?

Im scared of needles as well (which is a nightmare because ive had a LOT lately)Anyway, usually when they take my blood they do this thing where they tell me to take a deep breath in and while I am... Read More »