I hate my teeth.....?

Answer You are prettier when you smile than when you don't, regardless of the position of your front teeth, dear. Lots of people don't have perfectly straight teeth, so you aren't alone. I don't think i... Read More »

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I hate the gap in my teeth.?

The gap in your teeth is called a diastema. This can be corrected in several different ways. Your dentist can actually use filing material to close the gap, could use veneers (a more expensive op... Read More »

Why do I hate brushing my teeth?

I HATED brushing my teeth. My teeth were still white and straight though. So I got compliments. Then I noticed them getting yellow a bit and I had a dream that my teeth fell out. So now EVERYTIME I... Read More »

I really hate kids and I especially hate babies, but my man says it's time for us to get pregnant. Should I t?

It's totally fine if you don't want children.... that is your choice and nobody can tell you that it's wrong or selfish for feeling that way. However, you and your husband should have discussed thi... Read More »

I hate having this disease (diabetes) I just hate it . Will you PLEASE help me. I do not want your pity.?

*support given* it'll be okay...just keep going on with life