I hate my period....?

Answer I am like that alot. I absolutely hate when I'm on it, like tears & pain & everything! But when I'm not its i kinda want it but then again I don't. It's odd. Haha I guess its just womanhood. But at... Read More »

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Girls, from 1-10 how much do you hate your period?

Poll: Do you like, love or hate your period And Why?

I love all my classes, thanks for asking.

I started my period today , and I HATE pads !!!?

You can buy them yourself. As far as your age goes. Just ask your mom for the money and you go get them yourself. But you need to ask other girls your age what kind they are using. Don't just go in... Read More »

I hate my period. Is it safe to suction out my menstrual bits?

That is such a sexy thought! Lemme start the bidding for you. I'll offer $10.00..anyone wanna up that? (I think you missed the boat by not asking this is rassling..they LOVE you there!)You need tho... Read More »