I hate having this disease (diabetes) I just hate it . Will you PLEASE help me. I do not want your pity.?

Answer *support given* it'll be okay...just keep going on with life

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Any one with diabetes, do you hate being a diabetic?

I resented it when I was diagnosed in 2004 at 16 years old, I didn't try to get used to it. I felt like everyone and everything was against me.Now? I love being diabetic. I love having to take e... Read More »

I hate devices that have good battery life and I really hate it when things just work. Is Bluetooth for me?

nope. I hate bluetooth. I hate the drivers that drive and talk. Just cause its hands free doesn't mean that you are paying attention. BLUETOOTH is not a good thing. Its a status symbol and a way to... Read More »

I really hate kids and I especially hate babies, but my man says it's time for us to get pregnant. Should I t?

It's totally fine if you don't want children.... that is your choice and nobody can tell you that it's wrong or selfish for feeling that way. However, you and your husband should have discussed thi... Read More »

I am swollen, weak, hate doctors, and am dying of congestive heart disease, how are you?

I am sorry to hear that you are very sick, and yes congestive heart failure is one of the side effects of diabetes . And you were right in your last line, admittedly her bedside manner was lousy... Read More »