I hate driving to do laundry, is it worth it buy laundry machines?

Answer yes.I cannot stand to put my clothes in a washing machine that someone else used. Ever look at them?? theirs hair and pubes, and mold all over them.If your going to buy one, spend the money for a r... Read More »

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I live in a place that has no laundry .I cant afford laundry mat and half the time i have no clothes.?

You should of thought of that before you decided to spread your legs.

Why does everyone hate doing laundry It's not hard to do.?

wow. some people left really fuggin long answers on such a simple question.people hate laundry because this day in age most people would rather sit on their overfed asses with a laptop or some othe... Read More »

How to Put Laundry Away over Time if You Hate Putting It Away?

A mountain of laundryMost of us don't like putting away laundry. It takes up time you could be using to do something else. Luckily, there are a couple of simple steps to putting away laundry over t... Read More »

Ladies what is the best laundry soap for laundry too be washed in?