I hate doctors with a bitter passion?

Answer Talk to your doctor and explain the fear and how it translates into "hate".Me, although I am not a big fan of getting poked and prodded, I love doctors. I had one sit on the side of my bed in the ... Read More »

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I am swollen, weak, hate doctors, and am dying of congestive heart disease, how are you?

I am sorry to hear that you are very sick, and yes congestive heart failure is one of the side effects of diabetes . And you were right in your last line, admittedly her bedside manner was lousy... Read More »

Why do some papayas taste bitter and what causes it to be while other papayas of the same plant arent bitter at all?

How to Deal With Bitter Memories?

we can survive with emptinessEvery one of us has experienced bitter memories. We wish to forget it, but, unfortunately, it still lies beyond our unconscious mind. We shed tears to things we reminis... Read More »

Help with a one year old bitter?

Make sure the child is not teething! Sometimes all the child may need is a dose of motrin and a teething ring. Stay close to the child at all times. When he attempts to bite redirect him to the ... Read More »