I hate doctors with a bitter passion?

Answer Talk to your doctor and explain the fear and how it translates into "hate".Me, although I am not a big fan of getting poked and prodded, I love doctors. I had one sit on the side of my bed in the ... Read More »

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I am swollen, weak, hate doctors, and am dying of congestive heart disease, how are you?

I am sorry to hear that you are very sick, and yes congestive heart failure is one of the side effects of diabetes . And you were right in your last line, admittedly her bedside manner was lousy... Read More »

Why do some papayas taste bitter and what causes it to be while other papayas of the same plant arent bitter at all?

Anyone knows where can I find a list of the best glaucoma specialists/doctors in London. private doctors only.?

just use the yellow pages or whatever the equivilant of the yellow pages is in england

Is it disturbing that doctors and wanna be doctors hang out in the alternative section....?

Very well said. Yes, it is extremely disturbing. The agenda is to discredit natural healing. This does a disservice to those seeking answers, probably impeding their healing. They not only disc... Read More »