I hate being like this?

Answer You might not like what people are saying but there are one or two good answers in here. Why not contact your college and ask them to send you your course work or set you something you can do at ... Read More »

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I hate being tall. I feel like I intimidate people?

Okay, I looked at it from your perspective and I understand the general feeling. I'm a girl, but in my class there's this boy that is extremely tall! But let me tell you something, everyone wants t... Read More »

I HATE Breastfeeding moms like this......Do you?

I am sooooo with you on this! I made such a true and righteous effort to breastfeed my son and it was okay at first. When I decided to put him on formula and I got nagged by EVERYONE!!! Including h... Read More »

I hate chemotherapy!!! Will I always feel like this?

i don't know about chemotherapy, but i did external radiation on my neck and chest. I felt like crap for 3 months or maybe even more. everything tasted horrible. i had sores in my mouth all the tim... Read More »

I HATE questions like this, but do I look better with or without makeup?

I think you look better with just a little bit, but not a lot (like the 2nd picture). You're really pretty! Great question! You get a star! :) ♥