I hand pit bull a big cut hend how close cut in head?

Answer I don't understand the question. Sorry. :\

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When I close my fist, hand tingles?

You'd have to see a doctor to get this diagnosed, but the most common cause of hand tingling upon awakening is that you were bending your wrist while asleep or having some fluid accumulation there ... Read More »

Car side air bag Dangeriously close to head?

Air bag is given for safty of your head etc. body part . At the time of accident, it try to proctect your head etc. body part. Don't dissable it. Make a habbit of it.

How to Do French Braids Close to the Head?

Braiding is the process of interlacing three or more strands of a flexible material to create a woven pattern. A french braid, also known as a french plait, is a type of braid that is gathered clos... Read More »

I heard red bull is made with real bull semen. Is that true ?

HAHA!!! We researched it a little further and it's secretion of the liver! It might not be semen but it's still gross!!