I had unprotected pregnancy a possibility?

Answer Any unprotected sex carries with it the possibility of becoming pregnant. If your periods are irregular normally, then you are correct that it would be tricky to determine when you do get pregnant... Read More »

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Is there a high possibility you can get pregnant if you had your period 2 weeks ago had unprotected sex but he pulled out?

There is a possibility withdrawal is not a reliable method of avoiding pregnancy.

When there is a possibility of pregnancy are you more susceptible to colds or the flu?

Answer Sperm in the blood stream will cause a lowered immune response for a short time. The state of the immune system can both rise and fall during pregnancy, and this varies with the individual.

Is there a possibility you can get 2 neg pregnancy tests in your second month with out a period an still be pregnant?

AnswerIt is not impossible, but it is much, much, much more likely that you are not getting your period for another reason. Either way, you should make a doctor's appointment. Missed periods do not... Read More »

Is there a possibility of pregnancy without actual intercourse after a normal period and the next one is delayed by 4 days?

Answer no you have to have intercourse to get pregnant Answer nooooooooo