I had to reinstall windows XP now I have 2 copies how do I delete the old one?

Answer Hi KimWhen you begin to install, windows will ask you if it is ok to overwrite existing Windows directory. Answer Yes. That's it.

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How do i delete&reinstall windows xp?

Set Up Startup OptionsTurn on your computer and access the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) screen by pressing either “F1,” “F2” or “Delete” on your keyboard, depending on your motherbo... Read More »

How to Delete & Reinstall a Partition in Windows XP?

Windows XP does not provide an easy way to reformat a partition, but the method it does provide isn't overly complex. The easiest method is through the Recovery Console, a tool included on every Wi... Read More »

Is It Possible To Delete Windows Movie Maker And Reinstall?

what awesomeness were you about to inflict on the world, darth?i don't know, but there are other movie-makers out there somwhere. perhaps try a different one, or see if there's anywhere that has wi... Read More »

How to Delete & Reinstall Windows Live Onecare?

Windows OneCare, a safety scanner for your Windows operating system, is notoriously difficult to remove. Uninstalling OneCare requires you to modify your computer at the MSConfig and registry level... Read More »