I had this view of wikipedia?

Answer You probably pressed Shift-Command-R, instead of Shift-Command-4 ("R" is directly below the "4" key on the standard keyboard). What you saw is a feature of the Safari 5 web browser, called the "Rea... Read More »

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How much are you charged to view each article in Wikipedia?

i get charged 12$ even. I also think it is the most informative and accurate site on the internet. I have gotten many A's becuase of info provided from wikipedia. I do think they should lowertheirr... Read More »

Does wikipedia really always has a neutral point of view?

No, most media is biased to some extent, and wikipedia is no exception. The better the editors/users, the less likely it will be biased.

Wikipedia mobile view won't stay permanent?

There are two possible problems likely causing this:1) At some point, you clicked 'Desktop view' from the mobile view of the website, which sets a cookie that prevents you from being automatically ... Read More »

Wikipedia website permanently stuck on desktop view on iPhone?

openm.wikipedia.comin a new tab in your safariand there thats the mobile viewbut why do you still use safari?download a free app called yahoo axis its a web browserwhich is way better than the safa... Read More »