I had this problem last night, could it be serious?

Answer See the Dr, even if your symptoms start to clear up. I don't know what it could be, but blood in the digestive system is never a good sign. I think I'd be inclined to go to A&E if I had that much... Read More »

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What could cause a vagina to have a rusty taste Could this be a sign of a serious health problem?

Tastes sort of like a mouth full of pennies? Are we dating the same chick?

I've got a serious problem on Wikipedia. Could someone please help?

No need to panic - the wikipedia article on Sailor Moon is NOT proposed for deletion. Yes, it was proposed for deletion back in 2010, but the community consesus was to Keep it.Having said this many... Read More »

Last night I dreamt I had the swine flu and now I have a sore throat..actual serious question inside :)?

If you had a sore or parched throat before you woke up, then you might have felt some discomfort or pain from it during your dream, and this could easily be associated with and suggest the recent b... Read More »

BB8Uk: what was Liam's problem with Brian Last night ...?

it was something to do with the ex housemates getting booed, can't remember exactly what liam said , but he made brian look a complete knob , but in doing so he look... Read More »