I had surgery on my finger why cant i move it one month later?

Answer have you done some rehab on it?

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Is it normal for a scar from surgery to still hurt a month later?

Yes it is very normal for a scar to hurt or even tingle after surgury. When your body is cut into nerves are damaged and when your body heals it sometimes takes a bit longer for you nerves to heal... Read More »

My computer mouse can only move up & down...cant move left to right please help!!!?

It sounds like your mouse is one that has a ball underneath...if you are using one with a ball in, take it out as there may be dust inside.Have a look there are two little rollers one controlles up... Read More »

Jammed finger still hurts 4 months later?…maybe that will help

How to ship a package and pick it up a month later?

I suggest that you use the general delivery option from the post office:= = = = = = =(… - under the "general delivery" tab)General DeliveryGet your mail ev... Read More »