I had surgery on my finger why cant i move it one month later?

Answer have you done some rehab on it?

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Can you move your pinky finger only?

if my hand if flat on the table i can move my pinky alone. most people cant because your pinky and ring finger are connected.

I can't move my little finger up I just punched the wall is it broke?

It probably sprained or broke wait a couple days and if isn't better by then, then go to the doctor.

Is it normal for a scar from surgery to still hurt a month later?

Yes it is very normal for a scar to hurt or even tingle after surgury. When your body is cut into nerves are damaged and when your body heals it sometimes takes a bit longer for you nerves to heal... Read More »

I recently tore my meniscus and I am scheduled for surgery in a month?

Hey :)I'm sorry about your knee! I'm 17, play basketball, and I tore my meniscus last year and had surgery in April.1) Yes. I think you should definitely have the surgery based off your active life... Read More »