I had surgery 7 hours ago, is this all normal?

Answer Ya that's all regular! Just some side effects from the general anesthesia

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Just had corrective eye surgery (lasik) 12 hours ago, right eye not as good as left eye. Is this normal?

sometimes it takes one a little while longer, they are just like your feet, look the same but arent, give it more time babe, if you are concerned i would call the doc for sure, but the earlier you ... Read More »

Is this normal after Gallbladder surgery?

It's not normal, I would contact your surgeon and ask about it.I have had my gall bladder removed and nothing like this happened.

Is this normal after wisdom teeth surgery?

To me, it all sounds normal. The stings and tingles would probably be because you are taking the numbing sensation which the ice gives, thus you will start feeling a little of the pain. I do not th... Read More »

If you had your period last month for two weeks and for a few hours this month is this normal?

Answer Oh, yeseveryone is different. Soem women ovulate twice or even three times a month sometimes. It might also be because your cycle has decided to change. It is supposed to cahnge 3 to 5 time... Read More »