I had surgery 7 hours ago, is this all normal?

Answer Ya that's all regular! Just some side effects from the general anesthesia

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Just had corrective eye surgery (lasik) 12 hours ago, right eye not as good as left eye. Is this normal?

sometimes it takes one a little while longer, they are just like your feet, look the same but arent, give it more time babe, if you are concerned i would call the doc for sure, but the earlier you ... Read More »

I just had surgery 2+ hours ago. Why do I feel so good?

Better hurry and give yourself a left handed strange.

Have you ever had toothache during a bank holiday or out of hours when the surgery is closed?

No I haven't but I was with the gf when she did, We phoned the NHS who said if it was unbareable to go to an emergency NHS dentist (which in this case was a hospital) and they removed the tooth for... Read More »

Is this normal after Gallbladder surgery?

It's not normal, I would contact your surgeon and ask about it.I have had my gall bladder removed and nothing like this happened.