I had sex with my girlfrien no condom but dont want her pregnet help!?

Answer It's recommended that you take Plan B (aka the morning after pill) no later than 72 hours after unprotected sex, but the sooner the better to prevent pregnancy. Plan B should be available at many d... Read More »

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HELP HELP HELP URGENT i just got a cavity and my teeth really hurt, i dont want to take pill,anyother options?

dont want to take medication? then you probably deserve the pain, stfu and stop whining

What do you do if you are 16 and pregnant but you dont want the baby and you dont want your parents to find out?

Answer So you want the baby and don't want your parents to find out? It may be better to tell them, especially since you're under 18. They should know that their daughter is pregnant. Calmly tell t... Read More »

I really want a cast and to break my foot!! please help me with ideas that are fast and dont sound that painfu?

Any broken bone hurts, I broke my arm in an accident 4 years ago, I now have arthritis, constant pain and a permanent disability.But, if you really want a cast on your foot, go jump of a bridge, yo... Read More »

This is my problem I have a ipod touch first generation with my name on the back so I dont want to sell it my birthday's coming up and the iphone 4 looks good should I get it as well help?