I had sex a week ago and i feel so different?

Answer Sex is not a simple, casual thing, even if you want it to be. It is potentially life changing, and creates a permanent bond between the people involved. Even if you aren't a Christian, the bible g... Read More »

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How should I feel during week 5 of pregnancy?

During the fifth week of pregnancy, you may begin to feel the symptoms of pregnancy for the first time. At this point in your pregnancy, your fetus is now visible to the naked eye and is beginning ... Read More »

Can you feel pregnancy after one week?

You can feel pregnancy SYMPTOMS at the very moment you get pregnant, but you can't actually feel the baby part of it until about week 15+. The baby is only the size of a grape by the time you are t... Read More »

Can you feel fluttering in a 3 week pregnancy?

It is possible for one to feel movement very early on in a pregnancy. I am currently pregnant with my third child and am 9 weeks and have felt a fluttering sensation. I will say that having a previ... Read More »

If you think you may be pregnant how would you feel a week before your period is due?

Answer No different to how you would feel if you were not pregnant.