I had operation last month,2 days before i drunk beer,do i hav any problem ?

Answer Do you feel any problem - then better rush to your doctor - as such behaviour is often harmful when you are under medication or undergoing recovery.

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I had hernia operation previous month with out knowledge i masturbated,is ther any problem?

To be honest, the odds aren't quite in your favor... Semen was the one antibacterial sustenance that was keeping you from what's known as "gigartion firstance" which is what some see as the one inc... Read More »

What do i do if im still feeling drunk two days after i stopped drinking?

I'm not sure this is true for everyone, but when i really get wasted, i feel it for 2 or even 3 days. I usually drink a lot of water and juice and it helps, don't take aspirin or anything like tha... Read More »

PLEASE HELP! Got drunk, passed out, 5 days later brain feels "fuzzy"?

Maybe brain damage, maybe just an aftershock from alcohol. That was not smart to drink that much. Try brain training exercises like lumosity and definitely see a doctor if this problem persists.

3 days straight of being drunk/Stoned Little sleep.. Feel like hell! Help!?

Yup, perfectly normal considering the circumstances. You've abused yourself, and now you feel the abuse.Stay in bed, drink a lot of water, eat something if you can. You probably won't feel good aga... Read More »