I had one cig of marijuana at 4pm after how long i can consume alcohol so both dont get mixed?

Answer Mixing won't hurt you, dude. Just limit your alcohol consumption because too much of both might feel bad.

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How much alcohol would one have to consume to get alcohol poisoning...?

I dont think it only happens when you drink tons, i think it depends on the person and what your drinking and all that, but i think most cases its from drinking ALOT.. Im not sure tho hahaWhy, you ... Read More »

How much alcohol do you consume?

Case, it's hard for me to stop once I get started

How much alcohol do you consume.. daily or weekly?

Average week apx 20 tins of lager in the week!sat night out, 9 pints x2 doubles. Yes i know far too much! I may have even been a littlle conservative on the weekly tinnies?

*Not a heavy drinker* Which alcohol can I consume without giving off a strong odor of drinking all day?

Sorry to inform you, but you ARE a heavy drinker; hairsplitting aside.But hey, if you still have a job, you must be doing something right.I would consider either vodka soaked gummi bears or buttchu... Read More »