I had my computer sitting on the carpet............. Is this a bad thing?

Answer It's a bad place to sit it under the table when someone could just walk by and accidentally kick it. Plus, it's under a desk so air circulation is limited (unless you have an old pc). Build-up of d... Read More »

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Why does BB flashback recorder do this weird thing to my computer?

Hi Zachary,I have been using BB Flashback for a long time and never had an experience like this...The message you are receiving is clear. There is two things you can do about it.1) Check the BB Fla... Read More »

I downloaded this thing called iphone folders and im trying to get it off my computer?

First go to parental control then go to uninstall program find and delete or if that doesnt work its a virus so scan your computer for virus delete virus if that does work call the company and get... Read More »

I need to kill my computer, this thing is old and its pissing me off. Can anybody help me w/ my problem?

My dads gonna erase everything on he computer like restart the whole thing will this affect my saved data on o?

If the hard drive is erased, then EVERYTHING is gone including your games. You need to back them up on something else, a disc or zip drive maybe.