I had my computer "fixed' and now I can't print from the computer.?

Answer Try reinstalling your printer from the installation disc or try turning your printer on and off to see if your computer finds it.

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Sum guy that fixed my computer installled lime wire on my computer is this badam igoing to get viruses?

there is a chance you can get a virus from any site that active downloads files from the net and from other's computers. I have had limewire for years and not gotten a virus, I also have a good an... Read More »

How do I make one computer print to another computer?

Start at the computer that physically has the printer attached. Go to My Computer, Open Control Panel, Go to Printers and Other Hardware. View installed Printers. Once you see your printer there, ... Read More »

Can this be fixed or is my computer broken?

Happened to me also. Mouse died and rotted on the motherboard.Clean it up. Use rubbing alcohol (sparingly), with cotton balls. Clean gently, but thoroughly. As a previous answer stated, if it bo... Read More »

Help! I got my computer fixed and now my windows won't go to 64-bit!?

I dont think you know what you are talking about but ill try to help. If your in display properties and it wont let you set your reaolution any higher then you have to upgrade your video cards driv... Read More »