I had energy drinks and alcohol and I don't feel good?

Answer Energy drinks act as lifters and increase the speed of your heart. Alcohol is a suppressor so the combination of the two is not a good idea. Mixing different types of alcohol can also cause you to ... Read More »

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Do energy drinks test positive for alcohol?

Although not listed in the ingredients, energy drinks do contain small amounts of alcohol. In tests that were conducted on several energy drinks, researchers found levels of alcohol that ranged fro... Read More »

About to have 500ml of energy drinks. 30mg caffeine per 100ml. How long until i feel energised?

When you start throwing up and see things that aren't there.Dont bother with the drinks, go blading that will energise you,.

Why are energy drinks good for you?

They aren't good for you. Specifically your heart, the caffeine over works it.

Good Fruity Alcohol Drinks?

Get your party started with a variety of fruity cocktails. For your party guests that prefer fruity drinks, have a couple ingredients ready to make them a sweet concoction. From sweet-flavored mart... Read More »