I had a tooth taken out. How long does the swelling last?

Answer Every one is different as far as the amount of swelling, It also depends on how much infection you had.It's better to consult your problem with a nearby dentist.It needs around 1 or 2 weeks for the... Read More »

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I have swelling behind my tooth last tooth... could it be a wisdom tooth?

How long does the swelling last after wisdom teeth removal surgey?

I doubt the swelling will be noticeable on the fourth day. Just, as soon as you get your wisdom teeth removed, start icing your face. When my good friend got his removed, the oral surgeon prescribe... Read More »

How long does the pain of wisdom tooth extraction last?

Everyone has different results because everyone's wisdom teeth are different. I had two done, separately, the first took a couple of days to settle down and the other a couple of weeks because it ... Read More »

How long does leg swelling last im taking blood thinner for blood clot?

The process has to be slow say a week (depends on medication and underlying gross pathology), because some times the clot dislodges and anchors in heart , brain or lungs.So be patient for safe and ... Read More »