I had a tooth extracted, but there is a piece of jaw bone still exposed, should i be worried about that?

Answer It's probably a bone splinter. These are common after extractions. Use warm salt water held in that area to help it come out. If you're concerned then call your dentist.

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I have a piece of led about less than .6 cm. inside my cast, should I be worried?

No problem.What you call 'lead' is just graphite and ceramic, and is not toxic.Do try to avoid the scratching though. It's easy to get an infection under there, and those can be a problem.

Should I be worried about this surface cut I got earlier today by a piece of metal outside?

If the metal was rusty there is always a chance for tetanus but if you have gotten a tetanus shot in the last 5-7 years you should be good. Especially if it was a superficial cut you shouldn't hav... Read More »

I accidently hit my tooth with my other tooth it hurts should i be worried?

juat take ice cream or cold milk.cold food will help to numb the blood supply to the tooth and decrease any swelling in the bone.after 24 hrs do warm salt water rinses 4-5 times/day which help in h... Read More »

I just chipped a small piece of emamel off my front tooth, should I go to the dentist for that Concerns?

Depends on 'how small' is this piece... If its really small, we wont replace it. But we can smooth it, if you have a sharp place. If it doesnt bother you, just leave it. If it bothers you or become... Read More »