I had a spinal tap done about 1 year ago & ever since then my back hurts!?

Answer Yes, and sue the people who gave you the spinal tap.

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If you had unprotected sex 2 days before your period was due you then took norlevo had period a week later but was only light its 3 wks since MAP had brown discharge since then culd you be pregnant?

Yes, it's possible, but if you have a brown discharge you need to see a doctor right away.

Why has my back hurt ever since?

First off, I do not believe that the back pain is caused from the trampoline. There must be an underlying problem that is causing the pain. Have you seen a physcial therapist? If not, they might ... Read More »

You had direct tv installed about 6 months ago have not been able to play back any VCR recordings since only see fuzzy screen when playing back What is wrong?

Answer It really depends on you connections and whether or not they're correctly installed. Without seeing your set-up, I can't be of much assistance. Find someone who you trust and has some knowl... Read More »

Hurt my knee about a month ago since then my leg swells above my sock line, what is that?

Could either be that you hurt your ankle while hurting your knee and didn't realize it. You hurt your ankle after your knee because of a change in your biomechanics. Or the swelling from your knee ... Read More »