I had a spinal tap done about 1 year ago & ever since then my back hurts!?

Answer Yes, and sue the people who gave you the spinal tap.

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What do you do when your back hurts so bad that it hurts to breathe?

calm mind lay on hard surface ..breath slowly deep as you can ..pain is just fear leaving the body brave mooooyour heart will see you through ..woof ..crop circles ...right...

My back really hurts Help!!!?

You have a tight muscle that is getting pinched when you lean back. To get rid of the pain you have to free up your back muscles to release the tight one that is getting pinched and here's how to ... Read More »

My back really hurts!!!!>?

Ouch bestfriend. Go to your doctor and bake it!

My back hurts.....wat is it?

Maybe it's your sleeping habit. You may need to re-evaluate how you're sleeping. Lying flat on your back forces your spine into an unnatural position, which can strain your muscles, joints and nerv... Read More »