I had Thyroid Cancer and need some advice?

Answer Dear Anonymous Latina,Absolutely!It has been my experience that starving cancers of (processed sugars) is the most effective strategy, along with a high intake of oxygen, plus a raw-food diet( frui... Read More »

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I need some advice on cancer?

The odds of the spot being cancer are much higher than normal due to the melanoma. I doubt the docs could give you more specific odds unless they noticed certain characteristics that lead them to ... Read More »

My friend found out he has cancer. I need some advice.?

This must have been horrible news to get. I'm sorry you had to have a friend in this condition. There's not much anyone can do when a friend is diagnosed with cancer. I would suggest be there wit... Read More »

I have lost 30 pounds due to throat cancer and want to gain it back, i need some advice?

You need to be drinking protein powders with milk and drinking ensure to supplement your protein intake. Just eat a good rounded diet too. Unfortunately, you'll probably be dealing with this for ... Read More »

Cancer, or do I just need anxiety therapy Any advice means the world to me?

Have you heard about "A man who is hospital". He did not have any disease. But he studied some medical concepts and then he started to compare symptoms of many disease with himself. Guess what he f... Read More »