I had Five Guys the other day; I think some of their nuts made me sick?

Answer I'm not sure what the hell you are talking about but I sure hope it's not what I think it is.

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Guys I think I'm sick can you help me?

Sounds like a common cold. No, Jello and popsicles do not get rid of colds. Exercise, rest, plenty of liquids, and staying away from sugar are helpful for recovery. Staying in bed doing nothing ... Read More »

How many other people are tired of seeing guys with their pants sagging to their knees?

I am tired of it as well but it is funny when you see someone wearing shorts like you described take off running only to go maybe 30 feet and his shorts fall down around his ankles tripping him cau... Read More »

How do squirrels keep their nuts safe from other squirrels?

Eating Habits: The average adult squirrel must eat about a pound of food a week to remain healthy. They are omnivores, so they will eat things such as: birdseed, spring bulbs, tree buds, frogs, sma... Read More »

Girls, what do you think of guys that do their eyebrows?

i dont think its gay i think its HOT!idk what it is but i really lik it!!! =]answer…