I grew 6ft overnight now i"m 10ft?

Answer Have you been eating those wacky beans out of Jack's garden again?

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I found a huge vine/weed in my garden. It grew overnight. What the heck is it (Location: southeastern PA)?

I heard money grew on trees so i grew one?

If your name was Johnny Apple seed, the answer was yes. There's lots of money to be made growing certain kinds of weed...Well so I've been told.

I'm looking to grass or turf my garden its 11ft by 10ft can any1 plz tell me how much to do this?

If you are looking for artificial grass or turf visit:

How many 395g cans of condensed milk would it take to fill a 3 ft deep 10ft circular pool?

its APPROX 1500 gallonswhich is 6820 litressay 3 cans to a litre (that will take you over) makes 20460 cans6820 cans x 3, x2.79$57083.40