I got turned down for financial aid, any advice on what to do next?

Answer what were you turned down for, i've been researching alot and might be able to help you, the stafford loan is available for everyone, i'm assuming you wern't turned down for that.

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How do I ask for financial advice?

When asking for financial advice, keep in mind that ultimately nothing is free. Some financial advice can be found online through free services and some financial advisers offer free consultations.... Read More »

You are 24 years old married person you have a daughter that just turned two and you are scared to death to tell your mom any advice?

Answer i wold tell her she will find out any way so its much better she finds out off u than she finds out! anyway u no whats best it is up to u.kkkglad to help!

How do i get free financial advice?

Go to a website such as, or to answer your financial planning questions. Topics such as credit card consolidation, investing in the stock mar... Read More »

Financial Advice Needed.?

contact your states medical board, they would know of some sort of funding to help you too. even a little helps a lot. one of these scholarships is for $20,000. (the KFC one)...LOAN FORGIVENESS or ... Read More »