I got this message on youtube and?

Answer I got that too a long time ago when I only had about 3 videos. I think if you upload at a constant rate you get that privilege or it could be if you recently applied for youtube partnership.

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What does it mean if I get a youtube partner message?

Not only is it free, but YOU earn the money. I am a partner. Although the new partnership program is what you have, so it doesn't do much. It isn't special, but it means you have enough views to ea... Read More »

YouTube message glitch?

No, not yet I have the same problem they are going to patch it in an update.

Youtube: how do I send a message to my subscribers?

On your channel, there should be something like "post to feed" or something. It'll appear on your subscribers' front page on the All tab.

What message you are getting while opening "YouTube" website?

Hello. YouTube is getting some problems from their new YouTube layout, I know this because i'm part of the support crew. The problem will be fixed soon. Thanks