I got the Italian Visa , Type C, Number of entries MULT. Duration of stay 30 days.?

Answer Try reposting your question in Travel > Italy.

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My wife has a schengen visa type C multi entry fm 8-22 May 2012 with duration of stay 15 days.?

No, she must leave the Schengen area by 23:59 hours on 22 May 2012.… ..A visa extension is only possible for reasons of force majeure, humanitarian reasons... Read More »

What type of Visa do i need for the below scenario to stay at Switzerland?

How long is your husband working in Switzerland / how long has he been a legal resident here.If he is a long term resident he is allowed to have you visit for that he needs to contact the local aut... Read More »

How Are Entries Made Under Each Type of Accounting?

Accounting is a very particular process. Accountants must follow specific rules and guidelines when recording business transactions. The two broad types of accounting are financial and managerial. ... Read More »

Do i need a visa to work n stay in switzerland if i have indefinite stay permit in Italy?

Yes, you do! Your permanent residence permit for Italy only allows you to visit Switzerland for up to 90 days within a six months period. It does not authorize you to live and work in Switzerland.h... Read More »