I got sunburnt?

Answer Get yourself some aloe. Many lotions will only make the problem worse. For tonight, take a cool shower to draw some of the heat out of the skin and take an IB Profin (sp?) if you have some. Try ... Read More »

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Sunburnt/Swollen, please help me.?

Rub the areas in a mixture of oil and coconut milk. You can go outside if you want, as this will sooth and protect from the sun.

HELP!!!! I'M BADLY SUNBURNT! What can I do to get rid of the pain?

so you slept under the whole in the ozone too???Fistly prepare have a tube of after sun gel (with aelo) kept in the fridge, apply this regullarly to keep the skin from blistering and cracking, also... Read More »

Do black people get sunburnt?

Yes, they do, but they don't turn red like us pale skins do. I have many black or dark friends that have spent too much time in the sun (mostly in sports) and they do get burned.

HELP!! I got sunburnt pretty bad, Any thing i can do to ease the pain?

| Home | Folk Remedies | Feedback | Contact Us | SunburnPreventionPrevention is the best remedy here, if you can. Long-term results from excessive exposure to the sun, such as skin cancer and wrink... Read More »