I got sunburnt?

Answer Get yourself some aloe. Many lotions will only make the problem worse. For tonight, take a cool shower to draw some of the heat out of the skin and take an IB Profin (sp?) if you have some. Try ... Read More »

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Do black people get sunburnt?

Yes, they do, but they don't turn red like us pale skins do. I have many black or dark friends that have spent too much time in the sun (mostly in sports) and they do get burned.

Sunburnt/Swollen, please help me.?

Rub the areas in a mixture of oil and coconut milk. You can go outside if you want, as this will sooth and protect from the sun.

HELP!!!! I'M BADLY SUNBURNT! What can I do to get rid of the pain?

so you slept under the whole in the ozone too???Fistly prepare have a tube of after sun gel (with aelo) kept in the fridge, apply this regullarly to keep the skin from blistering and cracking, also... Read More »

Fastest/easiest way to remove peeling sunburnt skin?

if your skin is still red and painfully sun burned... don't try to remove it. just let it dry up and shed naturally, as that dead layer of skin is protecting the less mature layers beneath it... s... Read More »