I got stung by wasp, now all the stings are getting worse?

Answer Take some benadryl, follow the dosing instructions on the bottle. Make sure the stinger is out. If it is really bothersome your doctor can give you a steroid shot that really helps with the swellin... Read More »

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Does it hurt worse to be stung by a jellyfish or a wasp?

Definitely a jellyfish. I've been stung by both. The wasp sting hurt for a few minutes but then it was over. The jellyfish (just the usual kind not extra poisonous or anything) hurt for hours and t... Read More »

Wasp Stings?

antihistamine ..... cream for instant cooling & relief .. but the tablets are better .....i got stung the other week .. it looked like i had two elbows

Do wasp stings cause itching?

Wasp stings do cause itching. Other symptoms include swelling, pain and redness, hives and rash. The severity of the itching is dependent upon factors such as location of the sting and possible all... Read More »

How to Avoid Bee or Wasp Stings?

Sure you want to attract attention, but of the right kind. Here's what to do to avoid the attention of stinging insects you might find on an outdoor place.