I got stung by something in the sea in Croatia, any ideas?

Answer This is something you need to bring to your doctor.

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Something stung my sister!!!?

sounds almost like a queen ant or whatever, like when ants mate they have wings i think? and maybe they bite? could've been a ground hornet those things are NASTY they can bite over and over. if it... Read More »

I got stung by something I think! Please help me!?

You are describing a local reaction to a bite/sting. maybe a mosquito?

I got stung by a bee yesterday, my hand is all swullen now, is it something i should worry about?

possibly allergics reaction. I was stung by multiple bees once and had nothing besides slightly elevated red lumps. Should see the doctors or apply some ice on it to reduce swelling. Bee sting veno... Read More »

I got stung with a bee or wasp last night any ideas whats the best treatment?

Did you remove the sting? DONT use tweesers, this will inject the rest of the poison into you as you'll squeeze the sting. Use the edge of a credit card and wipe it over the sting site at an angle ... Read More »