I got stung by something in the sea in Croatia, any ideas?

Answer This is something you need to bring to your doctor.

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I got stung with a bee or wasp last night any ideas whats the best treatment?

Did you remove the sting? DONT use tweesers, this will inject the rest of the poison into you as you'll squeeze the sting. Use the edge of a credit card and wipe it over the sting site at an angle ... Read More »

Where is Croatia located?

Once a part of the former Yugoslavia, Croatia is located in Southeastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It is bordered to by the nations of Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Monte... Read More »

How many ATMs are in Croatia?

According to the European Financial Management & Marketing Association, as of 2007, there are 2,995 ATMs--called "Bankomats"--representing 1,189 separate bank branches in Croatia. As Currency Conve... Read More »

How to Plan a Trip to Croatia?

Croatia, or Hrvatska as it is known in the Croatian language, is slowly recovering from the war torn 90's to reveal its beauty to the world. Whether it is the legendary Walls of Dubrovonik, the wat... Read More »