I got stung by a bee, help me!!?

Answer Reduce the Risk of Being Stung 1. Wear light-colored, smooth-finished clothing. 2. Avoid perfumed soaps, shampoos, and deodorants. Don't wear cologne or perfume. Avoid bananas and banana-scente... Read More »

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Ever watch the FRIENDS episode where Monica gets stung by one? They pee on her and supposedly something in urine helps relieve pain. Try it if you dare.

Baby sis got stung by bee,HELP!!!?

I have been keeping honey bees for several years now and i feel pretty confident about answering this one. Some form of benidryl or antihistamine will help with the itching and possibly the swellin... Read More »

Just got stung by a wasp! help?

Health wise you should be just fine. You're not allergic (and not experiencing any symptoms that would prove otherwise). It might swell a little later but that's normal. Ice is a good idea to apply... Read More »

I got stung by something I think! Please help me!?

You are describing a local reaction to a bite/sting. maybe a mosquito?