I got shot in the leg, but I'm afraid to go to the doctor.?

Answer punch yourself in the dick it will take your mind of the pain....... **** the police

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Im afraid to go to the doctor so im asking you will i know if i'm diabetic?

Youll be thirsty a lot. Your weight will drop. You wont feel good. You might black out. Spend the $2.00 and get the test.

I shot myself in the foot. Do I need to see a doctor?

Sorry to tell you this but Obama is not giving you free health insurance. If this is real and you don't have the funds to go get it checked out. Keep it clean and aired out. It there is any sign of... Read More »

The question is that the doctor gave my daughter a shot to stop vomiting cause of a virus. did you hear of it.?

There are several medications for adults and children to stop vomiting, but just a few are listed below. As you can see, some can be taken orally or by injection.Dolasetron (ANZEMET) oral and... Read More »

If a woman is afraid of needles, shouldn't she be afraid of sex too?

Sex is overrated just because man thinks of it every 20 seconds doesn't mean it's important.