I got shocked by an outlet?

Answer The ghost of Charles Darwin must be rolling on the floor.

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How long after you get shocked from an outlet do you die?

Many of the answers here are grossly irresponsible. DO NOT under any circumstances deliberately come into contact with AC line voltage! No, NOT "unless you know what you're doing". Just DO NOT. A s... Read More »

Can a person be shocked on a computer that has a wireless mouse and a power surge trip outlet?

The wireless mouse has an independent power supply from the computer. It gets activated though wireless transmission, reception and or radiation, not enough to carry high voltage electricity. The w... Read More »

How do you upgrade a 30A outlet to a 50A outlet can I just change the outlet and upgrade the circuit breakers?

NO! STOP! DO NOT DO THIS! More than likely the wire in the wall is only rated to carry 30 amps. Running fifty amps through it will start a fire! You MUST upgrade the wiring in the wall to upgrade t... Read More »

If you have a four-prong 240V outlet can you switch the outlet to a three-prong 240V outlet?

Answers for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains supplies Better to Change Cord or Plug on Appliance The 4 prong receptacle should be more in line with the latest wiring code. It is ... Read More »