I got really sunburned what is the best product to put on sunburn?

Answer If you have a an aloe vera plant - that is by far the best thing. Cut a strip off the plant and then cut it in half and spread the inside jelly over the sunburn. It cools and heals. Do this as o... Read More »

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What is the best way to relieve really bad sunburn?

I got pretty bad sunburn about 3 weeks ago. It went away for the most part in about a week. I was left with a pretty nice tan (which I got after I peeled really bad).I put some aloe vera on it a ... Read More »

Is Aloe Vera gel really the best treatment for a sunburn?

yes aloe vera gel is good. your doing the right thing about applying it every half-hour or so. the aloe vera will cool down your skin. try to get some with lidocaine. lidocaine is a local anestheti... Read More »

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I have REALLY bad sunburn. What should I do?

If you put 2-3 tea bags in a medium pot and make tea, after it Is done let it cool down and rub the tea on your sunburn. Do this 4-5 times a day for 2 days and it will take the burn away and turn t... Read More »