I got problem when downgrading my vista.?

Answer you have to reboot your computer on the e drivejust restart and f8.

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Wy are so many people downgrading from vista to xp?

I have noticed that almost all of the earlier windows software programs, such as games, etc. Will not work with VISTA because they say they are not compatible. Another way of making money on micros... Read More »

Vista problem. I'm having a problem with the mouse not working?

I had the same problem and it came down to restore. I didn't want to do it but I did. It was a screen program that I down loaded and it shut my mouse down.

Vista - XP network problem?

On each machine go to the tcp/ip properties and click advanced. Use the wins tab to set always use netbios over tcp/ip and turn off use lmhosts. When the machine complains about an empty wins addre... Read More »

Problem with Vista and Windows Update?

Early Friday morning our cable went out for a couple of hours, I guess for maintenance. When itcame back but there was no internet in the morning, my husband fixed it the cable company said it show... Read More »