I got panasonic plasma tv i was told that if i?

Answer Absolutely not! Don't buy those Monsterously overpriced cables.The beauty of HDMI is it transmits a digital signal. It's either perfect or it's blank. There is no analog signal to be distorted r... Read More »

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How to Connect a Panasonic VCR to a Panasonic Viera Hi-Definition Plasma TV?

Panasonic Viera plasma TV sets are equipped with several different sets of audio-video jacks for hooking up home theater equipment such as a VCR. The Viera's two sets of composite AV cables, one fo... Read More »

LG Plasma or Panasonic Plasma?

Panasonic. Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on tvs, along with the pro and con of each technology. Panasonic is the only Plasma tv they recommend and you are not going to see... Read More »

Panasonic Plasma Televisions, Good buy?

There are wayyyy to many urban myths going around about plasma sets.First of all, the life is NOT three years. Plasma TVs are given a lifetime rating(to half brightness) of 60,000 hours. I find tha... Read More »

How do you unlock a Panasonic viera plasma?

You say it slows down? It shouldn't, but I'd try a couple of things first since they're both microprocessor controlled units. If it were up to my, I'd unplug each unit for about 10 minutes and then... Read More »