I got myslef in a sticky situation?

Answer got a can opener? put it around the lip of the can and open it like any other can. then find some scissors and cut a little off at the narrow part around your finger. good luck tell me how it goes

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How to Know What to Do in a Situation?

This will help in very different ways even if it has to do with bullies, gangs, or just a person you don't like.

What would you do in this situation..?

Please go to the hospital ASAP pet. . It could get to cause constant pain which you don`t need. God Bless

Could this be a 911 situation?

I would do everything I could to prevent that.

What if you came upon this situation?

As long as you are not trained in emergency situations "the good samaritan" law protects you from being sued if you do something wrong or the person dies. First you must take care of the ABC's (air... Read More »