I got my period for the first time?

Answer 3 to 7 days is normal

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What does it mean when you get your period twice a month after having sex for the first time. this has happend to me 3 times now and i had sex for the first time 3 months ago what does it mean?

Answer It means you need to ask someone to make you an appointment with a gynecologist. Even if you don't wish to tell your parents that you've had sex, you need to let someone know that your perio... Read More »

I just got my period today for the first time im 12, help please!?

What you're experiencing sounds totally normal. Your first period may be light. The first day is usually light and then it may be heavy for a day or two and then lighten up again. That's just in... Read More »

Do identical twin girls get their first period at the same time?

No - i'm an identical twin and me and my sister got ours close together, but not at the same time :)

I just got my period tonight for the first time and i dont know what too doo!?