I got my hand stuck to the inside of a freezer...?

Answer Well, I'd say that you should call the doctor again and not rely on information on the internet from people whom most likely will not know a medical remedy. But you have burn blisters (I'm not lyi... Read More »

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Im stuck in my Freezer!?

Wee on the door-seals, that will defrost them.

What is inside A freezer that keeps things cold?

something that is cold and solid like ice but that stuff does not melt

How to Remove the Inside Panels From an Amana Freezer?

The rear panel of your Amana freezer hides several components that are critical to the proper cooling of your refrigerator. The evaporator, evaporator fan, defrost heater and defrost heater thermos... Read More »

Help!!! my hand is stuck!!!?

Hot water. Just let it run over your hands and move them continuously and eventually it should break the glue down.Sorry, that's really sucky. I've done it to my fingers before. Took a while to ... Read More »