I got my ear cut with a a sharp instrument?

Answer I think around 1-2 weeks until it will be healed to a point where it won't bleed when it is knocked etc but for a full heal I think around 3-4 weeks

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If you could suddenly be great at playing an instrument, what instrument would you chose?

I have sharp LC-22LEF20M,when i attached dvd to sharp led volume is low?

check the dvd player volume.....check audio cable .....................use another dvd.....maybe it is bad .

You've been experencing morning sickness and sharp pains in your left side and a tingling sharp pain in your stomach frequent urination and fatique you also have been having a brown tissuey discharge?

AnswerSome women do. I didn't crave anything but I did go off coffee, tea (common) chocolate and baked jacket potatoes.AnswerSome women do, some don't. Some women never have any weird cravings, and... Read More »

Why should I get a Sharp BluRay to go with my Sharp HDTV?

There is no advantage, although Sharp is not a bad brand.Check if your BD player has ethernet connection and supports BD live. Many cheap players don't.