I got my ear cut with a a sharp instrument?

Answer I think around 1-2 weeks until it will be healed to a point where it won't bleed when it is knocked etc but for a full heal I think around 3-4 weeks

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Why should I get a Sharp BluRay to go with my Sharp HDTV?

There is no advantage, although Sharp is not a bad brand.Check if your BD player has ethernet connection and supports BD live. Many cheap players don't.

If you could suddenly be great at playing an instrument, what instrument would you chose?

I have sharp LC-22LEF20M,when i attached dvd to sharp led volume is low?

check the dvd player volume.....check audio cable .....................use another dvd.....maybe it is bad .

I have a 46 inch Sharp LCD monitor with a dvi input, can I watch HD tv on this with a comcast/dish hd box?

All you need to do is get a DVI to HDMI adapter. I used remember, DVI is only for picture. When you connect a HDMI cable from your satellite receiver, DVD player, etc. to a DVI ad... Read More »