I got my braces tightened. Why does it hurt *more* when I bite down?

Answer I've never heard that biting down gives temporary relief, but your mouth hurts because your teeth are still sore from the tightening of the braces. And no, you don't have problems! =D Its just tha... Read More »

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Are braces going to make my teeth fit together when I bite down?

There are basically 2 types of orthodontic problems - dental (involving teeth only) and skeletal (involving jaw alignment). Traditional orthodontists do not know how to correct skeletal problems an... Read More »

What happens when you get your braces tightened?

it's really very simple.right now you have brackets cemented onto your teeth. (these come off only when your entire treatment is done, after 2 years for example, or however long you have your treat... Read More »

How to Avoid Pain When Your Braces Are Tightened?

Getting your braces tightened is a daunting task. The first few hours may be very painful to nearly anyone, regardless if its your first time or your last time. Read on to find out how to minimize ... Read More »

If you have braces, does getting hit in the mouth hurt more?

Yes, you can get stabbed and sliced by braces if you get hit in the mouth, but thing is that you get used to it and your inner mouth toughens up, if you know you will be hit though check your mouth... Read More »